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Simon Bentholm, Head of Customer Success

Simon has a background in behavioral economics, machine learning and design psychology, and has been a driving force of the development of the field behavioral design in Denmark and Scandinavia. His focus for the last 8 years has been on designing products in the financial sector, on the basis of how humans (the ordinary ones) perceive and use financial products (natural financial wellbeing). Furthermore, Simon has written 4 books on behavioral design, one on the strategic use of data and co-written one on the design of habit-forming digital products, and is frequently used as a public speaker.

Insurtech: A sneak peek into how customers decide to buy - Volume 3

Today, we get nerdy! You might have heard about the psychology of price and how pricing should be contextual. This post is going to change your view of the factors that should be incorporated in the pricing model. When you distribute insurance digitally, your pricing strategy can change accordingly. Instead of setting a sellable price, you need to set a buyable one.

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Digital Bancassurance - How to fix the gap between strategy & execution

For more than 20 years, everyone in the financial sector has been hearing about the magical wonderland/partnership model known as Bancassurance. It’s a model under which insurance companies and banks partner together to sell insurance products to the bank’s customers. Now, the partnership model is on the rise again, with a digital spin this time.

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