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Cracking the code to lower cost of sales and an upgraded customer convenience

Cracking the Code to Lower Cost of Insurance Sales and Upgraded Customer Convenience

Dealing with your insurance company’s bottom line is like parenting a teenager: You worry a lot. And you have to keep an eye on it 25/7. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. There are two key factors you should work on to make your bottom line grow: Your cost of sales and customer convenience. And after reading this article, you’ll know how to do exactly that.

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Embedded Insurance Decision Tree

Embedded Insurance Decision Tree: Get to Know Your (Digital) Path to Sales and Scalability

How you should approach embedded insurance depends on your starting point. If you're doing business as we’re living in the Stone Age, we have to be honest: “You’re doomed, Fred Flintstone!” If not, there’s hope. Therefore, we've made a decision tree to help outline your embedded insurance decision path that guides you to sales and scalability.

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Why Digital Embedded Insurance Is Key to Cut Down Your Acquisition Cost - Financial series, Volume 2

Dealing with acquisition cost is like dealing with a lockdown haircut: You want to cut it, but it's easier said than done. Maybe we can help you (with your acquisition cost, not your haircut). In this article, we give the value chain an upgrade to show you why digital embedded insurance can send your acquisition cost in a free fall, raise your technical result, and, oh well, future-proof your business.

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The Secret to Selling Insurance? It’s All About Proximity

Selling insurances is tough and costly. Mainly due to the indisputable fact that most customers don’t exactly find insurance attractive to think about. Driving down the cost of sales and exposing the potential customers to insurance products in a time of their interest, is a game about digitalization and proximity played far away from the insurance industries home field.

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